What to Look For in a Home Security Company

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Whether this is your first time buying home security or you’re trying to switch to a new home security company, the process can be made much simpler by knowing what to look for. If you’ve had home security for your house for years, you probably have a great deal of knowledge and understanding of what to look for. But even if you’re a veteran of home security, the idea of trying to figure it out all over again can be daunting. So let’s get back to the basics and talk about what you should be looking for in a security company.

Is the company well liked?

Don’t even look at companies that you don’t know are well liked. Check any and all customer reviews you can get your hands on, but more importantly, check in with your friends and neighbors. If any of them have experience with home security, get their opinions on the company. Having the opinions of those you trust makes a big difference when you’re choosing between home security companies.

How’s Their Business Rated?

Consider the reputation of the home home-security-163693183security companies you’ve been looking at. What does the Better Business Bureau say? Have they been around long enough to establish a reputation of renown for their quality services?

How is Their Monitoring Service?

Monitoring services are offered by most home security companies, but the quality of those services varies greatly from company to company. Check out what they offer, if they’re fully staffed for 24/7 service, and see how they respond when there’s an alarm. If that takes asking a neighbor to cause a false alarm and see how their security system monitoring service responds, then that’s what it takes. You’ll also want to make sure that their monitoring station is local so that they know the area well and can help authorities reach you in a timely manner. Some companies have enough central monitoring stations that they can even doubly cover some homes in their area, so consider the benefits of that. Additionally, you should find out what their contracts require, including length of time, cost of service, and penalties if you decide to end the contract, as well as how renewal works at the end of the contract period. Of course, if you don’t even want monitoring services, you might bypass all of this, but knowing how they are with monitoring services will still give you plenty of valuable information about how they run their business and how they value their customers.

Can You Buy Safety Emergency Alarms From Them?

While every security company will sell devices meant to deter or detect home invaders, some may not sell other necessary safety devices such as CO alarms, fire detectors, water sensors, and temperature monitoring sensors. Make sure you can have access to these extremely important safety home security devices.

Do They Have A Warranty?

Warranties are extremely useful for home security systems because there are so many products that can have problems. See if you can find a company that offers a good warranty that’s one year long if at all possible so that you can have time to adequately test the devices. A good company will stand by their products and want to help you in any way they can.

There may be other considerations that you should look for in a home security company, such as how they will work with you if you ever relocate to a new residence. But if you look into these basic steps, you’ll be able to narrow your list of potential providers down to maybe 2 or 3 that would work best for your needs.