Reasons Why You Might Want To Switch Home Security Companies

It’s true that no company or business is perfect in all areas, and home security companies are no exception to that rule. Home security is a difficult thing to get right, and with every home and every homeowner being unique, it’s hard to get any company to make the right fit with all its customers. 134942482Some companies are able to succeed in hitting the mark consistently; of course, these are the ones that are the most popular and the best rated by the Better Business Bureau. Others struggle a bit more to find their place in helping homeowners with home security. Still others see the business as a “get rich quick” scheme and don’t even care about their customers. If you notice any of the following warning signs, then it may be time for you to consider switching to a different home security company.

False Alarms

False alarms may be your own fault, or they may be the company’s fault. But whoever’s fault they are, they should rarely happen. Because you’re paying for your home security – which is no small expense – you probably don’t cause many false alarms for the system, if any. However, if there are frequent false alarms happening and you don’t know why, that is a serious problem! Your system shouldn’t have those kinds of malfunctions, not if it’s the high quality security system that your company claims it is. The worst thing about false alarms is that if you have them all the time, you can’t even recognize when there is an actual alarm. “The boy who cried wolf” applies all too well here. When you contact your security system provider about all the false alarms you’ve been having, they should do their part to come and check out the equipment to see why you’re having those problems. If they don’t seem to care or if they’re not willing to help, then you need to look at a new security company.

Dissatisfaction with the Connection

If you’re having any problems with your security system’s connection, whether that’s wireless, wired, broadband, or another kind, then you should look into changing connections. cell-174426932This may likely mean changing home security companies as well. Not one of the connection options is going to be perfect, but one may be far better suited to your home than another. Check and see if your current security company can give you a reasonable quote on changing to another system connection, and if not, see if you can get a better quote from a competing company.

Poor Customer Service

As always, poor customer service is an indicator that the company is only using you for your money. Unless you have absolutely no problems with your security system and so you never need to actually interact with the company, this is reason enough to switch companies. Especially if you’re using monitoring services, you should feel comfortable with the company you’ve chosen. You should be able to feel like your own security and your home security really matters to them; otherwise, why are you paying for the service at all?

Poor Business Practices

Your home security company shouldn’t just drive up the price of your monitoring service for no reason. They should never do anything that will affect you without you knowing about it. Communication is critical when there’s money flowing between persons, and that includes businesses. If they are using sketchy business practices, see what other companies might better serve you as their paying customer.

Poor Service

Whether it’s the system malfunctioning all the time or they can never send anyone out to service the system, poor service is not worth your time or your money. You have better things to be doing and better places to put your money, so if they’re not doing their best to serve you and their equipment isn’t up to snuff, then it’s worth switching to a different security system company.

Home security should be about the homeowner, and the best home security companies won’t forget that. Fill out the form on the side of this page if you want to be contacted by a home security company that will treat you right.